In a short span of time Repono has gained trust of its customers for its competency in optimised supply chain for Specialty Chemicals. Storage of Specialty Chemicals is a distinct area of expertise the company has mastered in. Unlike logistics of non-hazardous products, Specialty Chemical logistics includes a number of dangerous elements. The products have flammable, corrosive and toxic materials that need to be handled with care. So, the safety of Specialty Chemical logistics should be given the highest level of importance.

We at Repono have the experience and skills for handling these hazardous materials appropriately. The terminals are designed with variety of storage facilities to meet the varying requirements of the industry. The facilities are well equipped with the best storage tanks of various sizes for secured storage of Hazardous chemicals. Backed by some of the most advanced technologies, infrastructure and skilled human resources, we cater to many MNCs and reputed companies in India looking for such facilities.

Having the knowledge, expertise and understanding of industry dynamics and its complexity, we strive to provide solutions that provides the best value to our customers. Our proven solution and models fulfil most critical storage needs and requirements of our customers. With our flexible warehouse solutions, one can surely benefit the modern and secured storage facilities, that we offer our clients. Not just that, our highly qualified staff is capable of handling all types of cargo, and modern equipment to ensure safe handling of goods. In addition to storage of goods, our solutions include a large variety of services such as storage of containers, repacking and packing, preparing the goods for transport etc.

In our relentless pursuit to excel and better ourselves, we have always opted for the best quality, safety and environment friendly approach. We have always been motivated to achieve higher standards of safety, health and environment disciplines. Today, we can proudly say that, with our experience, infrastructure facilities, instrumentation and skilled team, we are able to handle the most hazardous chemicals with utmost care and support.

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